Construction Defect

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Construction defect issues are very complex.
A statute of limitations exists for being able to file a claim. A warranty period of 10 years from the certificate of occupancy date applies and prompt reporting after knowledge of a possible problem is required.Claims are generally against general contractors, sub-contractors and their insurance companies.
Each of these parties usually switch insurance companies several times over the course of time and each of the insurers may be involved.

We can do our own water intrusion testing to include pin probes (interior and exterior as needed), arrange the all-party inspections, perform the needed test cuts if any, determine the needed scope of repair, what insurance is responsible for, help arrange contractors and related bids for repair, and negotiate settlement for contribution from other parties, which may be multiple.Since we have been independent adjusters for years we know the inside information needed to settle insurance claims, who the players are and how to obtain the necessary documentation to reach agreements and bring resolution to issues.